"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey Mom!
Yea. I remember us talking about that a while back, the whole other side of the veil helping out and stuff. Good idea. I can start praying for that again.

We're doing great out here. My comp's dope. The ward was so excited to see a Chinese elder here and see how the Lord really is hastening the work. The other day was cool too. We went to an investigators house and she tried to drop us saying she can't get baptized,and then her sister came out and was like hey, my husband's Japanese. Come inside and I'll show you a picture. So we went in and got to bond a bit cause they all speak a little Japanese and so does my companion because we went to college in Tokyo. Kinda cool. Huge family. We taught them the restoration that night and got 7 new investigators, and that's only half the family. Pretty fun.

Also, Saturday was fun. we have this squater area we work in and it's awful.  It's hard workin with people there, so we decided to change plans and went tracting for 4 hours in this little nice neighborhood in another part of our area. We got lots of new potential. I'm so stoked. Lots of educated people so that means future leaders for the church. We met this lawyer who spoke English and said that they just flew home from New York last week, and met some missionaries on the plane. Also, we found a guy who worked in China for 5 years. Pretty cool. We're changin plans a bit here so it'll take a minute to get things going, but it should be great. We are way excited.
That's all. Love you bye!

Hey Dad! 
Nah, it just rained a bit. We're pretty much done with rainy season. But yea, I heard about the earthquake in Bohol. Pretty crazy and unexpected.

Me and my comp are great. I'm gettin good at explaining things in simple words. He's a way smart kid and is learning fast. We just do an extra hour of studies each day to study English and Tagalog so we'll be good. Last transfer with my other comp, we just had one baptism the first week. We had a good week and are gonna get things going again. we'll have one baptism, maybe 2 this transfer before I leave which is good cause my comp hasn't had one yet. Wish us luck!
Love ya Dad!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learning Mandarin Chinese

October 14, 2013

Nihao ma? (I'm learning Mandarin now):
Thanks for fasting for me mom. The whole pastor thing didn't happen, but the one pastor that I sent a picture of us is getting baptized on Saturday.

My clothes are fine. I'll just wait till I go home and buy some new clothes. I'm still jealous you guys hit up the  Faggioli cabin! We never got to go.

We gotta start doing school stuff soon! Hopefully I still get some scholarships and stuff.

Conference was way dope! Some of my faves...?  Obviously Elder Oaks about if you don't prioritize the Plan of Salvation, your worshiping other gods. Uchtdorf and Holland of course. The one football quarterback all excited and about member missionaries gave a great talk. 

This transfer's gonna be dope though. My one companion Elder Lansang, goes home tomorrow, so it'll just be me and Elder Liu (my new comp). This kid is so freaking funny. He's from China like 3 hours south of Mongolia and has only been here for like 4 months, so I get to teach him English and Tagalog. It's kinda tough but it's way funny. Yesterday we worked on using the letter "L". He struggles so badly and it's super funny, but he's chill so we just have a blast. Everyone here loves him though. It's kind of hard because not many people can talk to him, so I kinda just translate. I have received a few comments of how cool it is we have a Chinese guy here. He's for sure gonna be a big help for the church when he goes home, so I'm excited to help him out.

Not too much going on this week because of conference and meetings, but pray for us that we can get a couple of baptism dates to happen. There a two that are close to being baptized.  My companion hasn't had a baptism yet, so I promised him we'll have one this transfer and he'll baptize them. 

But ya, that's all!

Wo ai ni ("I love you" in Mandarin)

Elder Peter Molnar

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Sorry, I don't have time to write about the week, so I hope the pictures make up for it. Enjoy the last one. Here are some final pictures in my area before I got transferred!! Or so I thought.

Really fat wild pigs.  They just eat trash all day long.  Pretty funny.

Beautiful Meycauayan. Nice houses, free pets, and river front property. ha if only you could see a close up of the black river. A guy came and talked to us there and said we should've come three weeks ago because this is AFTER they did a huge clean up. Cool huh? Yea, it smells pretty rancid.

Zone CSP (Community Service Project).  Just clearin' some land..

Just catchin' ducks with Elder Hicken from Utah (where every white kid is from!)

The Alvarez Family

Just fightin' spiders. Classic game for kids here.
I'm NOT getting transfered.  This means I'll be in this ward for almost 8 months.  Ahhhhh...ha!  But guess where my new comp is from? China! He's still new to the mission so he hardly speaks any English and no Tagalog yet! I am so stoked! Guess who has to learn chinese now! Haha! I'll email John and tell him (Elder Molnar's brother speaks Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese).  Anyway, next transfer day is on November 20th.
Gorilla Graffiti...
I thought the umbrella made me look pretty "thug"!

   Just the "good lookin'" One Direction Elders of the mission.   

A wedding /baptism for our ward

Look!  A rice field!
Aight,  last pic. This guy's way dope. Some other elders in our zone met him last month and have been teaching him.