"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey lady!

Did you tell Sister Sperry on me? Ha all the missionaries got a mass text from her the other day telling us not to touch the lizards, alligators and monkeys. Way to ruin my fun her in the mish..

Anyways..atta girl mom! way to do work at work, preachin' the gospel. You should invite him over to the house for some baklava and invite the missionaries to come over and teach him too. Start practicing 'cause I'm still praying you and dad will be able to serve a mission in a few years! 

It's only been a few days since I wrote last, so just real quick today. So on Friday, it was that one paralyzed girl's birthday. We helped carry her wheel chair through the rain, across the bamboo bridges, through the rice field and to her house. That's way sick how fast we were able to get her a wheel chair.The church is pretty awesome, eh? 

Lately we've just been getting ready for the musical fireside my comp put together. We had that on Saturday. It was just a fireside about the restoration of the gospel with some speakers and musical numbers. I sang in the choir and sang "A Child's Prayer" with Elder Howie, Elder Waite and his companion. I also spoke about Christ's life and the atonement. It was pretty cool. There weren't a whole ton of people there and only one investigator came, but everyone seemed to really enjoy it. President Sperry's 1st counselor came too, so that was cool. He spoke at the end, which was way cool. He complimented my comp on the program and leading the choir and then complimented me to for being the "pinakapogi missionary" (sexiest missionary), which is good cause my latest celebrity look alike I've been getting is Lady Gaga, so I needed the confidence boost. 

That's really about it. Transfers are coming up on the 14th. We have an extra week to make up for all the changes they're making with all the new kids coming in. Oh, and have you heard anything from Elder Leonard? I'm hoping he'll be coming soon so I'll be able to train him.

Aight, well that's all. 

Love ya!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/20/13 - Happy 7 Months to Me!!

What's good? What's good?

Hey!! Soo, that's good to hear all's still going well. I got your packages! Thanks! I hope Valentine's Day was grand. That's so crazy about all the missionaries going out. Be sure to keep me updated on where everyone goes!

Aight, so just a bunch of random-ish stuff from this week. Yesterday a lizard on the ceiling pooped on my food during dinner at a less active's house. Last Saturday we had to go to the church to make a program for a fireside and ended waiting for like an hour for someone to bring us keys. But there was this kid there who's blind in one eye and has terrible eye sight, like 2 inch thick glasses. He had a guitar, so he and I chilled for like an hour playin' and singin' songs. Oh, by the way mom my church is called the Marcela chapel. Ha! I  just can't get away from you can I? 

I had a hot date on Valentine's Day. I went on exchanges with my District Leader, Elder Peter Howie (his mom's name's Marcie too, weird eh?). It was way fun. I miss having a white comp and getting so much attention on the streets and jokin' with people. Some kid said to us in the worst English, hey you play basketball? So we turned around and in Tagalog were just like, WOW! you're so freaking good at English, did you study? Then we gave him a high five and walked off. People love the white kids. 

On Sunday we had dinner at a member's house and she made tacos for us! It was the first time having those in forever! But there was this old nanay there who was brutal. She kept telling me I had to put mayo on my taco, freak! So I would wait till she looked away and try to make on that I had and it eat it real quick, but she always caught me. Then I tried holding up the taco sideways and pretending to pour some in so she thought I had some, but she always caught me! She was brutal. It's my first taco in 5 months! Don't make me ruin it with mayo!!

Yesterday President and Sister Sperry came and worked with Elder Ramos and me for a few appointments. How sick is that? The Sperry's are the best! So much fun working with them. 

Today is our pday cause we had a temple sesh earlier. Way sick as always. We spent most of our time there because we had to get a special wheel chair for this girl in Elder Waite's area. She's 16 and broke her back and has been paralyzed from the waist down ever since. Obviously since people don't have money here, she just lays in bed all day long but we got her a wheel chair from the church, and just in time too 'cause her birthday's on Friday. Cool! Also, on the bus ride home from the temple, this lady came and sat next to Elder Waite and me. She was dressed kinda nappy and had no arms -- just a little stub with like half a finger on one side. We're not supposed to, but Elder Waite and I were like, we should pay for her ticket. So when the bus guy came over, I asked where she was going and we paid for her ticket. She was so happy. She moved seats a second later so there was more room, but she kept smiling at us and saying "thank you"

That's about all for now! I'll write you guys again on Monday! 

Love ya! just be dope!

What up dad? Only a few more weeks to go till next transfers. Elder waite's good. He saves me in our house. So I just chill with him when I can. It's all good though, can't complain too much. I've got a dope area and branch and district and all. But at least I'll have some good stories for after the mish. Anyways! 

Yeah, Section 42 is pretty dope, verse 6 is a classic too if I remember correctly. Just about going two and two preaching the gospel. I've been studying in Alma lately about Alma and Amulek teaching the people in Ammonihah. Way sick! Ha, I actually love reading the scriptures now as a missionary. For real. Just like in Alma 13:23, says something like...the scriptures are there. Rest them and it'll be your own destruction.

I'll talk to you again soon. I'm glad to hear you guys can feel the blessings come.  I'm glad to know works going well. I'll keep you guys in my prayers that you'll be able to go on a mission. Don't let me down!

Love ya tatay!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!

Sup Mom!

Freak well I'm upset now. I just plugged my thumb drive into this computer so I could send some way dope pictures I took, aaaannnd.. all my pictures just got deleted. I think I have back ups for everything though, hopefully.

Anyways.. I'm glad to hear you guys had a good week. Oh and a couple things I thought of for my next package. Do they have any super small scriptures like that mini red Book of Mormon I have at home? If you can find a triple like that, you should grab me one. 

This week was pretty dope though. The other day while we were out proselyting, I went my this creek to go (to the bathroom) on some banana trees and then right underneath me this aligator just walks right by. Sketchy eh? But pretty dope.

I saw my first monkey! These guys were just chillin' on a curb with their pet monkey. So sick. I'll have to go back and get a picture. Also I tried some bbq off the street the other day. I got chicken heads and these blood cube things. Yeah, not super good. The other day I got on a jeep and sat down and the kid right across from me was sitting on his mom's lap and yelled, "Ha, look at his face!" Then later was like, "Mom! It's looking at me!" Freak, kids are brutal here.. 

The other day we were at our less actives house and her kid was way sick with a fever so we gave him a blessing. few minutes later he threw up and then we checked his temp again and, no fever. He's been fine ever since. Saturday Elder Waite and his comp had a baptism, so we went to that. Baptisms are always fun. I was one of the speakers too.  How special.

I realized how easy state side missionaries have it. We have this guy in our ward from England and we went to his house to teach his wife's less active kid, but no one was there. So we talked with him and shared a quick message. I just whipped out a lesson. It is so easy teaching in English. We committed him, asked for referrals, everything. But oh well, I'm still stoked I'm learning Tagalog. 

Yesterday we went to this family we're teaching. the guys 22 the girls 25 and they have a 2 year old kid. The sister is inactive and we're trying to get them married so that the brother can get baptized, but he has some word of wisdom struggles.  He shared with us about all his trials right now. We took this family to see the temple last week. It hard seeing how drinking destroys families here.

Well that's all for now! Happy Valentines Day.  I'll put my pictures back on my memory card and send some next week.

Love ya all!
P.S. The alligators here are these tiny little things that only get less than a foot long. Elder Waite and I are gonna catch some soon, although I heard they're poisonous. Oh well! Peace!

Monday, February 4, 2013



Oh oh hey there:
Aight aight... so for this week, we had another temple tour on Saturday. those are always a blast. since me and Elder Waite and his comp are in the same ward, we rented a jeepney with them and took like 20 of our investigators and less actives. It was way dope. Acouple of the girls we took, one recent convert and one less active, bore their testimonies yesterday in church about how much they enjoyed it. So dope. Oh which by the way, church was way good yesterday. We had a ton of our investigators come to church and so our gospel principles class was packed. One of our investigators who was supposed to get baptized soon has been too shy to come to church, but we taught her the other day and her friends who were over and they all came to church Sunday. So now we're teaching her and her two friends. Yeah. My new branch here is soooo much better. Still nothing compared to the states, but I love having people actually do their jobs and their callings.

Elder Waite - my MTC companion

Oh I got my first kiss here in the Philippines yesterday! Ha people always kiss each other on the cheek when they say hi in this area, but yeah. So yesterday a ward missionary told this five year old kid to kiss my cheeks. ha... yup.

Nothin' too crazy this week, but Saturday night I woke up like 3 times in the middle of the night (sick), so Sunday morning I just laid in bed and did some personal study. I read this talk and studied my scriptures for like 3 hours straight. Pretty proud considering how much I hate reading. But it's this talk a missionary pres in Chile gave called "Becoming the 4th Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge. ( I highly recommend it if you have time, it's pretty long) but I'll just share a couple things I liked.. 

He talks about 4 types of missionaries. 1st - the ones who get sent home or go home early. 2nd - the ones who are disobedient, but still finish their mission. 3rd - the obedient ones who work hard and labor through it but withdraw their heart. 4th - the ones who give their heart to the Lord, and also the only ones who actually come home changed from their mission. The other 3 don't. 
He talks about how we can choose who we want to become. "your life's greatest work is you... do you think about that?.. have you planned your greatest work?.. we can choose who we want to become. but if we don't plan who we want to be and act on our plans, we'll never be that. 

He then talks a lot about how the 3rd missionary is great and works hard, but the whole time he labors and wishes he was back at home. Trunky stat. That missionary won't go home changed because "the good that you do, will do you no good, unless your heart is right." also "you can't be happy if you don't want to do the things that lead to happiness even if you do those very things." we need to give God everything. "you will create an ordinary man, he will create a God." Kinda like how the army says "be all you can be," the Lord says, "Let me make you all you can be." "It's easier to walk with the Lord than to labor against him." A swimmer once said his key to success is, "kick when you don't wanna kick and stroke when you don't wanna stroke." and then one last thing I liked that is a good reminder to me on days like Saturday when I'm chillin' with Elder Redder and he's showing me all his pictures he taped to his planner of him skiing Park City. Ah haaaa truuunkyyy.. but yeah.. "Don't itemize the total of all you left behind to serve a mission. Don't count the cost." If you think about all the blessings we receive as a missionary, eternal life, etc. it's really not much of a sacrifice at all... well yeah that's of good stuff. dope eh?

Well that's about all for now! write ya guys again next week! see ya in just 17 more fast sundays!

Ay-ayaten ka launay!


Oh and then pictures... one's from temple tour. one's of me in a tree, duh. and the other is this nice lil' spider we found the other day. so many in this area.