"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Monday, January 28, 2013



Aight, so yeah.  Just real quick cause I have like no time today. Promise I'll write better next week. I got transferred to the San Jose Del Monte zone. It's actually way close to my old area. Well duh, since my mission's so small, but yeah it's way dope here. My new comp is Elder Ramos, first Filipino comp. So now I actually have to speak Tagalog a lot more. We have a deal. He has to speak English to me and I speak Tagalog to him, so that we both work on learning the languages. Cool, cool! He was in my last zone and I went on exchanges with him once.

Oh, and Elder Waite (his companion in the MTC) just got transferred with me into the same house. He's way good at cooking so.. yup, getting even fatter now. 

Ha speaking of, got told I look like Mr. Bean again yesterday.. freak!  Haha! Oh and twice yesterday, by two different people, they asked if I've ever measured my nose to see how big it is. Ha, freak! But my new area's pretty sick. It's like half city, half more providence.  Tons of hills and trees, especially banana trees.

We had a way sick baptism on Saturday. Good karma I guess, since I hooked the kids in my last area up with a baptism right away. We baptized this 16 year old girl, Rizalyn. Dope. She's the first in her family and her parents aren't super supportive and didn't even come to the baptism, but hopefully we'll get them soon! Here's a pic of the baptism and the one of me by the little shacks at her house. Way sick. Nice little ghetto bamboo huts on this hill. Yeah boi! 

My branch here is way sick. There's like 200 people who go to church and we don't have to teach all the classes. Love it. Elder Waite and his comp Elder Batan go to church with us, as well as a senior couple, the Floyd's. 

Here are some pics from the baptism and Rizalyn at her house, and one of me and just some house we found while we got lost trying to find an investigators house. Oh, and I talked to my first white guy the other day too! Well, other than missionaries... but we have a guy in our ward from England. it was so weird. We went to his house and this white guy walks out, and I was like what in the world?? I asked my comp if I speak English or Tagalog. Anyways, there aren't many white guys around.



But my apartments cool. The person who shares the other half of our house, is a member so she always cooks for us. She has like 10 dogs.  They're pretty gross and smell bad, but it's almost like I have pets again!
Well that's about all for now. Gotta get going to our FHE.

Bye!! Love you guys!
P.S. I'll write dad  next week, sorry. But I figure he'll read this too. And yea, tell Andrew Leonard to write me! I wanna hear from that kid! I'm glad to hear everything's going well back at home.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yo lady, what up?

The air quality is bad there? Don't worry.  I promise it's a million times better than it is here! 

Thanks, I'll be looking forward to the packages. As for pictures, I guess just whatever ones you guys take lately and some good ones from my Facebook of me and everyone. Just some pics here and there are nice.

Welp, I'm getting transferred tomorrow! Goin' to my second area. I'm way stoked, although I'm kind of bummed I'm gonna miss one of our family's baptism next week. Oh well. These past couple days have kind of been hard saying goodbye to everyone. Some of these people have become like my family here, but it's all good. I'm stoked to see more of the Philippines. So obviously I've got a lot to do today to get ready for tomorrow, so just a quick update.

I hope you enjoy the pics! One of our less active raises pigs so we got to go over and play with the 9 little 12 hour old piglets. Pretty dope, eh? Also, I finally saw my first cock fight! It wasn't super crazy, just a practice, but still cool. I also saw a cool dog fight the other day. These random dogs on the street were fightin', like 5 of them.  They took sides and were rippin' each other apart.

We did a service project at our High Priest Group Leader's house, because he got offended and went inactive. We moved a bunch of dirt around for a while in their backyard to keep it from flooding during rainy season. We had a Family Home Evening at their house last night with some other people from the ward. It was so fun. My comp and I shared a lesson about being of "one heart and one with Christ". then played some games. Haha!  It was so funny, but I always lost 'cause all the games were in Tagalog.

We also found a new less active and taught him. He talked about how life sucked and he had no money for his family and everything. So, we were kinda bold with him, just like: are you going to church? Nope. Are you reading your scriptures? Nope. Are you praying at all? Nope...well of course your life sucks. You forgot God. Of course life is gonna suck if you try to do it by yourself! We didn't say it quite like that, but hey, he came to church! But for reals, hope all of you guys remember that. Just read a little, pray a little and go to church. Too easy! And God will bless you mightily. It kinda sucks it took me so long to realize this.

Well, that's all for now! I'll let ya know about my new area next week! Oh, and my mailing address will stay the same my whole mission, no worries. My mission is super small so they just send everything to the mission office.

Love ya'll!

P.S. It's official. My ugliness is getting worse. People always tell me I look like someone, a movie star or something. When I got here I always heard, "kamukha mo si David Archuletta, or si Zac Efron." (your look alike is...) But lately, I keep hearing, "kamukha mo si Harry Potter, or si Mr. Bean." WHAT? freak. What's happening to me? Haha! Oh well. I guess sacrificing my good looks to help families live together forever is an even trade.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

6 Month Mark


Elder Molnar has reached his six month mark as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He is doing well and loves serving the people in the Philippines.  Living conditions are a challenge, but he has a wonderful attitude, countenance, is learning to appreciate what he has back home in the United States and above all, he loves serving the Lord.  We couldn't ask for anything more.  Thank you all for your love and support. 

Elder Molnar's Mom

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi Mom!

Brittany Moulton's here. I was talking to our office secretary and he said he saw a bunch of white girls here from Utah. He said she was there. Hopefully she gets to visit good ol' down town Caloocan City! Ha! But that's cool.

Well, I'm on my last full week of my third transfer!  So, I might be going to my second area. I kinda hope I do, but at the same time, we have this way dope family that I wanna be here for their baptism. Either way, it'll all be good. 

Nothing too crazy this week. I'm sorry, I should've reviewed the week first. I can't really think of what's happened. Just working hard on our ward trying to get home teaching organized and going so we as missionaries, don't have to spend all our time reactivating the 80 percent of less actives here. You guys better be grateful! I love the people in our ward, but freak, no joke, my comp and I basically run the whole ward. American wards are so lucky. Oh well. 

My comp and I moved to a new house that's actually in our area. It's alright. My old apartment was one of the nicest in the mission though. I don't really know what else. Just hope you are all doing well. 

That's all. I'll plan better next week, promise!
Love ya guys!

(2nd email)

Oh, by the way, these are our buddies we met a few weeks ago at the computer shop. Just so you can see some of my new homies. (the handsigns they're doing, is just what everyone does. It just means you're "pogi" or sexy and good looking and what not). Ha for real. The kids here are my favorite part about the Philippines. Now that i don't suck so bad at Tagalog, I love messin' with them and talking with them on the streets. I feel pretty cool when everywhere we go the kids yell "elder!!" or "Justin Bieber!" or whatever I tell them my name is. Ha! They're a freakin' blast.

I got a bunch of letters today from everyone, so thanks. I'll read those in a bit. We went to this place in the mall called City Buffet for pday today with our zone. It's 400 pisos (like 10 bucks) for all you can eat sushi, BBQ, ice cream, cake, crepes, drinks and a whole lot of other good ish, so that was fun. umm.

We had an area broadcast on Saturday. We gotta get these wards and stakes to be like how they are in America! Dang, stateside missions have it so easy. Real talk. Oh well. I'm still stoked that I was able to go foreign. The area presidency also talked about how single adults wait to long to get married!

Love ya!

P.S. You should send me some more pictures in my next package. Those are the best! Basically just whatever you send is great.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey, don't even start about weather! At least you have the nice wonderful snow. It's still cold season here and I still sweat 24/7, and soon it'll be hot season. Oh boy! Haha!
Well I'm glad you didn't have to pay that much for my toe, becaaauusseee... I had to go back and get another toe nail taken off. Only 8 more to go! 
For sure let me know ASAP when Ben gets his call! And give McKay a hug for me at his farewell. I'm proud of my bois. I don't need any international stamps, my mission can just pouch letters to other missions. So tomorrow I'm sending out my letters and some pics to the bois. 
I hope your talk goes well. If you want, feel free to include how they extended my mission. No biggie. They just had to push everyone's date back to adjust to all the new missionaries coming in. So, I'll be home July 30th. But hey, now that its 2013, only one more year!
Things are goin' good here. Christmas was dope. New Years is sick here in the Pinas. We had a way early curfew New Years Eve 'cause of all the crazy people out. So we bought tons of soda and played a game with all the soda. Haha! So fun.  It reminded me of all the good days with the bois, especially with Taylor. But I found out why everyone's so dirt poor here. They spend all the money they don't have on these big fireworks. We had a way sick view from our third story apartment. They next day was fun too. Hardly anyone was out and EVERYONE was either still drinking or hungover.
The work is going well here though.  I'm stoked 'cause hopefully this one family will be getting baptized soon. We just gotta make sure they go to church often and quit drinkin their coffee! We've been working hard with our ward trying to get some hometeaching and fellowshipping going. Be grateful you have a ward back in the states that actually does stuff. We have to do everything. It's good though. I'm learning a lot about how a ward should work which will be good later on, and I do enjoy working with all these families, they're a blast. We've been spending a lot of time trying to help families have FHE and read their scriptures daily. Now I can see how important it is and so I'll be good at it with my future family and with reading my scriptures daily when I get home. It's the words of Christ! Read em! 
Well that's about all.  I'll stop there so i can send some more pics.
Enjoy! Love you guys!
Elder Christensen and I caroling with the carolers

The view from our apartment of all the fireworks.  The Stadium of Fire's got nothin' on us!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2012

Hey sorry, I have like no time to really email today. Things have been way fun here during the holidays, but super busy. I'll update better next week and send some pics. Thanks for your emails.

It was way good seeing you guys via Skype I'll admit the holidays have made me a bit trunky, but it made me love it here even more. it was fun to talk to you guys from here.

Love you guys! I'm doing great, keep up the prayers. I found out my mission pouches mail to all the missions around the world, so i started writing all the bois.

Love ya guys!

P.S. This little Pinoy kid has been talking to me and watching me type this whole thing. His name's Loisito. He says, "I love you."