"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 16, 2014

Hey Mom!

Things are going good here. The first day I got here, we went to a recent converts house. His wife was talking that maybe she wanted to get baptized too so we've been teaching her and yup, she'll get baptized next week. we're hoping to help brother get the priesthood in time so he can baptize his wife, that'd be soooo dope. 

General Conference was really good. I think one of my favorite talks was President Uchtdorf's about having a good attitude in days of tribulation. Also, I liked the quote from priesthood session, "if you try to chase two rabbits, you won't catch either one." I've been pondering that as I've been thinking and praying about what I want to do for work when I get home.

I can't wait to Skype you on the 11th of May. We'll figure out plans for that soon. We might try to Skype at this one member's house. We finally got to teach him because the dad's the only one who's a member, but he was less active so we're helping him return. They're chill though. Their son's my age and we're trying to become friends with him so we can teach him. I felt like I was back at home when I went up to his room. It is covered with skate stuff and his artwork. He's going to school to study the fine arts and so I'm hoping that he might let us teach him since we've got a lot in common. but The dad that's a member is an "artista" as they call it, a TV star. That's his job and they also own a resort, so it should be a good place to Skype maybe.

Hey Dad,

Ya, I'll leave at the beginning of rainy season, but I should be fine because it doesn't get bad until the end of August. That's when all the big floods always hit.

The work here is okay. It'a a lot slower than my last zone, but things are slowly improving. There are 6 elders and 8 sisters in our zone, Montalban Zone, which also is hopefully my last area. But ya, we just had our temple day earlier today and things are going good. We have a baptism next week. I got my update letter, so once my batch turns those in, we can get our flight plans!

Well, that's it! Love ya! See ya in 105 days!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Letter

'Sup Mom? I miss you!

It's just been super busy here with meetings, Mission Leadership Meeting, meeting with our Stake High Council, and with our Ward Mission Leader.. ha! We love meetings! But things are going good. We've been spending some time finding and tracting to get some new investigators. That was fun doing it in the bloody heat, but this week we're gonna try some member visits and get some referrals.

We got a new investigator yesterday, and we taught him after church and gave him a baptism date for May. It still blows me away with how interested college age kids are in our message. Back at home, all I ever thought about was music, girls and snowboarding, but he's pretty dope!

We had this family we met when we went over to this recent convert's house, and we ended up teaching them. I guess I missed part of the conversation when I was talking to their kids 'cause we taught the restoration and then I committed them to baptism, all feelin' way stoked! Then my comp started talking about referring them to the missionaries in their area. They don't even live in our mission! Ah, I was so bummed.

We do have one for sure baptism this next next week though. We're still doing way good out here.

But ya, I get my letter tomorrow. Pretty soon flight plans and well... I'll see ya in 114 days!

Love ya!

Hey Dad,

Ya, I'm down to hit up a General Conference session. We've only done one of those before. If we cn, I say we do like a Sunday session. But ya, since we're a day ahead of the states, we watch conference next week. We've been focusing on tracting and getting referrals from members to help get some new investigators going. It's way hot outside, so tracting during the day stinks, and no one wants you knocking on their door at night. But it's all good. We've got a couple new investies and we're hoping and praying for more.

I'll have to send some pics soon so you guys can see what things look like here. It's pretty dope! Lots of green and right by the mountains. I't nothing like the Utah mountains though. These are pretty small. We actually heard of a waterfall we want to go check out. Ha! But no worries. I don't plan on being stupid. I might as well wait 114 days so I can finish the mission.

Love ya Dad! Peace!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Just Passed My 4 Months Left Day

Hey Mom!

So first week here in Montalban has been way chill. It's right at the base of the mountains, so we have some pretty scenery around us. I'll have to take some pics soon. Haha! Ah, I miss Utah mountains though.

We actually have a pretty nice house that we're staying in and at night I go jump rope on our lil' balcony and stare at the mountains. My new comp is way dope. He's from Davao, the southern part of the Philippines. It's just us two in the house, but we're having a blast. You'd be proud too. Our area's pretty small, so we don't spend much money for traveling. We just buy stuff to make real food....chicken and mashed potatoes, taco salad, pastas, etc.

The ward's way dope here too. The work isn't quite progressing as fast as my last area, but that's all good. We're going to look on finding new investigators and giving some bap dates. We'll for sure have at least one this transfer though. There's an older couple, and brother just got baptized last month so sister mentioned the other day that she wants to now, too. So, we're getting her taught and reading, and she's already coming to church. Also, we should have another couple too. We're just waiting on their marriage papers to get back so we can get them married and baptized, after we can help brother quit smoking. 

All is going well. I'm hoping this will be my last area, but I guess we'll see. My zone is a sister fest too, so uh, lucky us :) Ha! Its me and my comp, then our two district leaders, their companions and 8 sisters!

But ya, that's all for now. Love ya!

Sup dad!
I'm loving Montalban so far! It's making me so trunky. Our house is pretty nice. We actually have a shower, just cold water, but it's bloody hot here so that's fine. I go and jump rope on our balcony at night and just stare at the mountains. Ha! I miss Utah. we're not in the mountains at all but literally right at the base of them so that's chill. We also have part of our area in more provincey area, so it's been fun walking on dirt roads with some rice fields, trees and stuff. I'll take lots of pics soon and send them home sometime.

The works OK. It's not as great as my last area, but we'll get things going. We at least have one for sure baptism this transfer.  But yea, just passed my 4 months left day yesterday, so see ya in 3 months! 

Love ya Dad!

I can't wait for October sesh of General Conference! April's the last one in the mish!