"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th - Countdown from here....

 Hey Mom!

Leonard's coming back next week?! So sick huh? Sister Sperry texted me the other day to tell me. I told her I have dibs on training him, so we'll see! Haha, but I'm way stoked. Thanks for helpin' him out while he's been home. I can't wait to have him back.

Well, not too much this week because we've been busy with follow up training meeting and then just getting ready for our baptism, which was on Saturday! I'll send a few pics in a minute. My comp got his first baptism and he was the one who got to perform it! The kid we baptized is way dope too. Normally I'm kinda against baptizing kids cause they all go less active, but this kid is way dope. Future missionary for sure!  He reads The Book of Mormon everyday and hasn't missed a day of church in months. He is basically better than all my other investigators, and he's only 11!!!

 That's basically it. It's just been a little stressful getting the baptism going Saturday. We coordinated everything on Sunday with the bishop and everyone, and on the day of, no one answered the phones.  So we were kinda stressing getting a key to the church, then cleaning and fillin' up the font. But a little 2 hour delay, and we had a dope baptism. Then Angelo from our ward, had his farewell party so we performed a little song on the guitar of, "I hope they call me on a mission"/ tagalog remix about Angelo. He can't leave for another 6 weeks because he still doesnt have his visa. but I sent a letter home to have you send to him with a package when he gets to the MTC. Thanks!

Love ya guys! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 22, 2013

'Sup Mom! 

Ya, Ben Thomas emailed me! Dope. I'm waiting for Leonard to get back out here! I'm glad to hear you guys are doing ok. You are gettin' pretty old ya know!

But just real quick cause I'm gonna try to send a few pics to everyone. just a few, a little teaser of course. no worries. I already have like 2000 pics I've taken so far. 

A girl in my ward just got here call to the Temple Square mish! How sick is that? I'm gonna go visit her when I get back.. Eh just one year!

This week has been dope! We have our baptism coming up on Saturday and I'm hoping my comp will get to baptize him cause it'll be his first baptism..

But uhh.. ha what else? Any questions about the mish? I found a mouse in my toilet this morning.  Hmm other than that we fasted yesterday ;cause we're planning a stake baptism for Aug 31 (which I probably won't even be here for) and fasted that we'll have someone to baptize. It kinda sucks cause one of my favorite investies dropped us yesterday...but our favorite CIA agent the one who has the smoking problem I spoke about, finally came to church tomorrow. So cross your figures! He's basically our only hope as of now, haha.

But all is going well. 

love ya!
All's chill here so far. I'm doing my first workshop tomorrow, but I did one before and its not bad. As a missionary you get used to teaching and stuff, so its not a big deal to throw a workshop together real quick. It's a small district, just 8 of us... actually that's about normal...6 elders and 2 sisters.
Love ya! 
'Sup everyone! Just sharin' the love from my mish! First picture is just this place called Wawa, one of the actually nice places in the mish, ha...

2nd is from me celebrating my year mark. I gave a little clue as to what we ate to celebrate ;)

and 3rd is my beloved area...Northville 3 Bayugo. Just me and my kid, normal day in this city. Nice a sunny. Ha! you should see it on a rainy day ;)

Enjoy! Love you all!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Approaching Hump Day

Yeaaah happy year mark to me!! Crazy how fast time has gone by. Just trying not to get too trunky, ha especially living with the zone leaders cause they go home soon.

You guys seem to be doing fine, so I just pray for you guys daily and just do my thing and obviously we can see the Lord's taking care of you guys.

Oh, what was that, Christ said in 3rd Nephi 21:10 "the life of my servant shall be in my hand.." Oh and I finished to Book of Mormon again the other day! I'm reading the New Testament now! Ha, who'd have thought I might one day actually not mind reading?

The coop looks way good Dad, especially the grass inside. I haven't seen a whole lot of that stuff for a while, miss it. Haha they look so healthy! Not half featherless and zombie like like they are here! Haha, but ya my cold went away, but then got another, but it's almost gone now. No biggie. I don't have time to get sick out here so it's not that bad. 

Transfers tomorrow. I'm still training and that's two transfers long, so I'm half way. But I'll stay here and I'm stepping up to District Leader too so that'll be fun. It's not too much different. Just gotta give workshops every week, go on exchanges with my district and do follow up calls and ish. Not too bad.

This week's been good, we've got a baptism coming up on the 27th so that's always fun. Hopefully we'll have my companion baptize him cause it'll be his first baptism. We've just been working hard gettin the members of the ward involved to help us cause for reals, missionary work is so much better when the ward helps. But they finally started making home teaching assignments so we're definitely seeing some improvement. Hopefully we'll be able to focus on inviting "others" to come unto Christ again instead of inviting members to go to church. I like working with them but grow tired of the excuses for why they never go. "Oh, I stopped going cause my kids were always busy with school".. "Sister, that was 26 years ago! Your kids are almost 50 now!" or we get this a lot too... "Oh, I don't have money to go to church so I just go to the Catholic church cause it's closer." ... people have the worst excuses for not going to church.

But really everything just blends together now, so I guess that's my update for the week from what I remember. But no worries.  I keep my journal updated so you'll get the details next year.

Love ya'll!

(Note: Elder Molnar's 1 year mark is Thursday, July 18th; however his mission has been extended for two additional weeks, so although his 1 year mark is tomorrow, his actual hump day is July 30th)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fruit Cocktail, Wawa Dam, a Blessing and Reflections on Personal Growth

How was fast Sunday? I fasted for the fam of course too, for part of it. I've been finishing up the Book of Mormon again and started thinking about the story of the brother of Jared and how he told the Lord exactly what he wanted with the stones and everything. Also, with examples from Nephi, just about how specific prayers get specific answers. I've been working on that better.

I miss the temple. My zone doesn't get to go anymore cause we're too far. Ah, well...

How was the 4th of July? I got so American trunky that day. The only other white kid around is from Australia, so it was kinda hard to celebrate by myself. I just wore red white and blue, sang some songs that I could actually remember about America, and ate a can of fruit cocktail as my big celebration. Haaa!

I've been doing good. I finally got over my cold that I had for a few weeks. It rains like crazy, so I finally gave in and bought an umbrella.

This week's been good. I just got back from Wawa, this dam they have on the other side of our mish. It's nice getting to see clean water for once. Ha!  But it was way fun! So ya know, duh, that made my day!

Fast Sunday was cool yesterday. One of our members bore her testimony about something that happened. The other day, me and my comp were trying to find someone's house and we ran into a member. He said another member actually came by his shop to ask if he had oil to give his little daughter a blessing. The guy said he didn't, but maybe the elders would come by later, and whatta ya know? The lost little elders came wandering around and just happened to run into him. He told us this family needed a blessing, so we went and found their house...and whatta ya know. We gave her a blessing, and the little girl recovered quickly. I definitely still love little stories like this, but it happens so much that's it's kinda just part of the work to know the Lord's guiding you. But it was cool to see how much the story effected the sister as she cried at the pulpit bearing her testimony.

If there's one thing I've learned about the importance of serving, is duh, God loves His children. If I wasn't here, I'm sure the Lord would provide other means for these people to hear the Gospel. Not in a selfish way, but the reason why I'm still out here, is for me personally. You spend all day helping families, seeing what destroys relationships, and all day studying and pondering the scriptures. You get a sense of how life needs to work. There are just things you learn out here that you can't learn anywhere else. Things have definitely changed from back when I started. It was more just 'cause all the bois were serving and I felt I had an alright testimony. That's why I served, but now I've just learned I need my mission to grow up. My future wife and future kids deserve to have a good returned missionary. That's my thinking for what you said. it's true, there's a time, but everyone needs to serve.

Dope! Aight, love ya! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

I can't wait to see it in 393 days!

I can't wait to see it in 393 days!

Anyway, this week was dope! I am way pumped after that broadcast about missionary work though! The Lord's definitely hastening his work. Lots of changes. As far as Facebook goes, not a whole lot of people have computers here so we'll see what happens.

Sorry about your air conditioning, that's rough. If it makes you feel any better, one of our fans broke the other week. Ya, it's usually around 102 every day, but the 100 percent humidity is gracious enough to keep you sweating 24/7 to keep you cool.

I have a few pics. I have one of me showering in the rain, but I'm waiting for a big storm. I heard one’s coming and I'm gonna get one in the city in my area that I heard floods like 5 or 6 feet sometimes. I'll be sure to get some good pics. It's also funny watching all the naked kids swim in the nasty flood water.

Be sure to let me know where Ben goes! How’s Elijah doing with post mish life? I can’t wait to hear from him. But when's his wedding? our area presidency told us we only have 6 weeks to get married after we get home.

Yea, my mission was extended by two weeks after the announcement in October’s General Conference. I go home July 30th. Maybe I can get them to change it a week or two so I have time before school starts. I didn't agree to a 2 year and 2 week mission!! Haha, nah it's chill though.

Happy 4th! I'm trying to figure out how to celebrate here when I have no other Americans around. Ya the Philippines just had theirs. No one does anything.

Our Zone Leaders had a baptism, so since we're in the same ward, we went. It’s always way good. The brother, our investie who I talked about, who has a problem smoking, came to the baptism to watch. Ah, I was so stoked! But he could only stay for an hour and of course, Filipino time so no one was even there and he didn't get to see any of the baptism. But we did take him on a tour of the church. Even though he showed me he still had cigarettes in his pocket, I was still way stoked he made the effort.

But ya! Happy 4th! God bless America!!!