"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Aight, so lil' update for the week. Our zone and another zone got together the other day and went to this school for a service project. It was way fun painting, cleaning, gardening this little school. I would send pictures, but I still don't trust these computers. I'm still not sure how I'll send pictures, but don't worry, I have a lot!!

We found a little provident region that's in our area, so that's nice to get a break from the city. We started teaching a new less active over there. Also,  these people called out to us while we were over there, so we went and OYM'ed them.  (OYM - Open Your Mouth).  It was a huge family, like 20 of them.  We gave them a few Books of Mormon and we're gonna go back and teach them. We've been killin it tracting and giving Books of Mormon lately and getting new peeps to teach.

Just a little update about a few people: We started teaching this new investie, Beverly. She's way dope. Lots of questions and way solid.

The girl from Alaska and her sister and friend have been doing great. They're coming to church now and want to get baptized. Their neighbors are members, so we all had FHE over there the other night. It was so nice. I love this ward so much. Work is so much better with some support from the ward.

Also, some members of our ward had a wedding Saturday, so we went to the reception. There have been so many weddings lately. But all is going great out here. Transfer day is next week. Crazy! It goes by so fast.
Love you guys!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 20th

Yeah freak Isn't that weird? Elder Herrmann and Elder Sargent and everyone are hitting their year marks. Me and Elder Moulton are next! It goes by fast. That's dope you and the bois moms keep in touch.

Yeah, I  got my packages and everything! Thanks! The mini triple especially is way sick! My comp is lovin' the Laffy Taffy's. Cool about all the missionaries too (stats in our stake).
Just a little quick update because I gotta leave soon for our zone activity to go duck bowling. I still have no idea what that is, but ya!

So first thing, we got this family we're teaching. Their last name, Goku. Just like Dragonball Z! How sick is that? I get to go over and pray and say, "Heavenly Father, please bless the Goku family. I can't wait to baptize them.  I can say I baptized Goku! Haha!

Also, a less active family who we got going back to church, brother had his interview yesterday and is getting the priesthood and gets to baptize his 8 year old kid. Then after a few weeks their, katulong, or maid I guess, should be getting baptized too. Yeah! Kinda had bad luck so far with getting lots of baptisms. I always get transferred before baptisms and stuff, but it's all good. I don't always have to be the one reaping the rewards.  What is most important is to just plant those seeds. It's not about the numbers, which is good cause our numbers have been bad this week! We can't teach if there's not a guy there 18+, so we got punted a ton. But we're still working hard!

We had a farewell party Saturday for 3 of our ward missionaries leaving on their missions. Two of them are going to Cebu, so I told them to keep an eye out for David Buckley. Cebu is way dope, but I still love my small little mission, haha. 

Also, Skyping was way dope of course! Tryin' not to get too trunky! S'all good though! Did Leonard get his call yet?

Saturday, we had another temple tour, so we took the girl who's visiting from Alaska as well as her sister and friend. We've been teaching them a lot and they're doing way good. She goes home though next week so I'll just refer her family to good ol' Elder Ashton Roney!

All is going well! Just tryin' not to get too trunky. I've been missing the snow and Park Ciity bad lately. aaaa...

Gihigugma taka! (love you, in bisaya, language that David will be speaking. Trying to learn a bit of that too)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We were blessed to be able to Skype with Elder Molnar on Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, there was a delay because the malls were closed due to the elections, but we waited up and finally connected.  Thank you Sister Sperry for the heads up!  Although our video was clear, we were a blur on his end.  :-(  We spent much time logging in and out hoping for clearer reception.  In the end, it was just good for us to be able to see him (and his companion who wants us to adopt him). Thankfully, he looks healthy and is in good spirits.  We will post a letter from him next week.  We hope that he will finally get his two birthday packages soon. :-(  

Love you Elder!
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Aight, so just real quick since I get to see you guys in a few days via Skype! I hope the Mothers Day present I sent was fine. I hope you're happy 'cause now I have to use my ugly magnet name tag for a few months till my new name tags get here. 
My Mother's Day present - (frame broke in shipment)

Wait, what? Brittany Moulton's coming out again? Dope! 

So, this last week was waaaay dope. I'm lovin' this ward. My comp and I would work way hard and get tons of good lessons in, and then had dinner with a member everyday last week. It's been so nice. Our missions working a lot with the wards trying to get members to "rescue the one" and bring all these less actives back to church.

This is kinda cool. My first day here, this chick called out to me and said that she's visiting from Alaska and wants to speak English to someone. Ha! So, we've been teaching here and  her family that she has here. Way fun! Although it's my first time teaching the lessons in English and for some reason, it's so freakin' hard! But it's good 'cause we have a ward missionary who leaves in July to serve in Canada, so he comes when we teach her, to practice his English. But I talked with the girl, Kim, and told her how Ashton Roney is serving in Alaska, so when she goes home next month, we're gonna get missionaries to their house. Cool, huh? 

We've been finding tons of new people to teach and are getting things going good here, although they will probably transfer us out in june to put sisters in this area. but it's all good. there's tons of new sisters coming in now. but yeah i'm running out of time! see ya next week!
But yeah, that's all for now! I will tell you more details face to face next week via Kkype! Ahh, I'm really so stoked! 

Love you guys!