"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yeah Leonard wrote me! Ah, I can't wait to see him! Tell all the fam I said hi! And tell the Beadles, thanks for the card they sent!

So let's see, lil' update for ya. Transfers were last week. My comp transferred, so I'm still in my area in SJDM, Bulcan city. My new comp is Elder Chlarson from Payson, Arizona. Ha, third comp from Arizona. He was comps with Elder Hubble back in the day too. Ah I'm so happy though. ha life is so much better now. We've been killin' it out here and just having a blast playing with all the kids and talking to everyone and gettin' tons of new peeps to teach. So much fun. Elder Chlarson is no joke, the nicest kid in the world. so glad to be comps with him. Turns out God does love me. haha joke. He's only been in the mission a little longer than me too, so it's way dope cause it forces us to work hard and do more in the lessons and everything, and with speaking Tagalog.

Couple highlights for the week. We went to the temple today. Dope as always. I've been trying to use my talents a little more lately, even with my awkward chubby body I have now. We were playing with a bunch of kids in one of my areas the other day before we were going to start teaching. They kids were jumping off this little cliff onto a dirt ledge hanging off. So ya know, of course I went over and was like, alright my turn. So just threw a little backie off it and the kids loved it. Now every time we go over, they ask me to do flips for them. It's way dope. Elder Chlarson is way good with kids, so we always go have pretend fights and stuff with them for a bit, then get the people we're teaching, and are like, aight. let's go learn about Jesus now!

Also the other day we were exploring a bit and found this little skatepark these guys built, so of course we went and check it out. The guys were way dope. One of them has been to San Diego before. I found out one of the guys is a less active in my ward. We chilled with them for a minute and then before we left, I told the kid, that if I land this back boardslide on this rail, you gotta come to church Sunday. He laughed and said aight. Ha!  I didn't land it though. I just laughed and was like, whelp,  looks like you're good. Who knows though. Maybe he'll come.

My comp and I have had fun exploring our area a little bit more lately. We found some beautiful spots in our area so we've been oyming (OYM means, open your mouth) over there to get people to teach in the nicer areas. W got lost the other day and were talking about how sometimes when we're lost, we just happen to be in the right place at the right time and find some new people, and whatta ya know?! A few minutes later, a lady called out to us while we walked by and called us over. So duh, we went over. She just moved here from down south and is a member.  Her husband's Catholic but wants us to teach and baptize her daughter. Cool, eh?
Also, we were walking the other day and turned a corner and this guy called out, hey can I talk to you for a minute. So of course, we went and talked to him. He said his friend has a coworker who's Mormon and wants to learn about the church. He asked about the Book of Mormon and so of course, we gave him one. Way dope. Although later, he texted us and asked, "Is it true that Mormon women give birth using magical powers?" ..... yeah.. Anyways we'll see about that one!
But yeah alls going great! 

love you!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Yaaa, what's good? you better be stoked for these pictures. I've taken so many dope pics lately.

Just real quick for a few of your comments. Sorry things have been super busy, so this will probably be short. No, I haven't heard from Elder Hubble since last transfers. Hopefully I'll get Leonards letter tomorrow. No, I havent heard Elder Bednar's talk yet. Umm package wise.. .just do what you can. anythings great! I'm in a pretty dope area to buy things. Freak!  That's so crazy about everyone getting married and going on missions. Oh, and did Elder Johansson's bishop call you? He's in town for business, and we got permission to meet and stuff.

Transfers are tomorrow and my comps getting transferred, so I'll stay here and lead the area. I'm pretty stoked. Oh yeah, we had a baptism on Saturday, this 12 year old girl. My comp and her were pretty close so he got to baptize her. Sorry, I can't think right now 'cause I'm kinda in a rush, but I'll write more next week. Promise. I'm using some nicer computers so I'm gonna try and send some good pics home since it's been awhile, but these computers are still really slow,

Here's the picture from Patricia's baptism.

Then I've had a thing for taking Jesus-like pictures lately. So here's one of me rescuing the one in front of the tree of life.

Aight, so first is just me and a caribou. lots of those in this area. Then me in this lil' river by the farm we went to last week. Don't worry, no swimming. Then just another one of me rescuing the one..

Tagalogs coming. It just depends on the day. Not too bad though. Having a Philippino comp really helped. Aight but yeah, next week!

Peace!  Love ya!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Hey Mom,

Tell Leonard me and Elder Waite want him to write us! I was thinking I might end up training next transfer, but I heard it's almost all sisters coming in. Sooo, hopefully things will work out and I'll get to train him! 
I'm trying to figure out what to do about pictures 'cause I wanna send you some, but I don't trust these little computer shops at all anymore. We have some freaking sick pictures from P-day today, which I'll tell ya a lil' about for now. A couple of us went to Elder Howie's area to go chill at this new spot he found. There were  a bunch of cool rivers that we're actually clean. All the one's I've ever seen smell really bad and are covered with black stuff and trash, but it was dope. We found this little farm like area and asked the family there if we could take pictures with their caribous and pigs and stuff, and they were so down. They walked way far away to get a couple more caribou for us to get pictures with and even fed us a bit afterwards. Nicest people in the world! Like who does that? A bunch of strange white kids come up and they let us be with their animals so we could get some good pictures. They loved it! We then put all our pics on their computer and the Elders in that area are going back on Friday to teach them.Yeah!

I had a good debate the other day with this little 5 year old on whether Goku or Gohan beat cell in Dragonball Z.  The kid was so sassy, but he was cool. He went and grabbed his little action figures and wanted me to have a little fight with him. I'm pretty sure I lost, but it was fun. I also sang with the kids. They love when I sing their Filipino pop songs. haaaa yaa..

Not too much else. One of our investigators had her baptism interview on Saturday, so she'll be baptized on the 9th! Ya, ya know, just doin work. Goin' ham out here.

As far as my package goes, just whatever. Pictures...Oh, can you send me the green jump  rope we have at the house? Then just more Cholula, and treats and just whatevers. You know me. Britt can help too. Thanks!

Love ya all!