"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Aight, so don't have a ton of time but a little update for the week. Aight? Aight!

K, so duh! Of course conference was way sick! So much better as a missionary, but I'll write an actual letter soon and share my thoughts there. I have to go back and reread some talks. I kinda missed like the whole first sesh on Sunday. Some of our investigators came and we sat with them. I tried to draw with the kids and keep them entertained so the mom could pay attention.

Today was way dope! We hit up this dam and it was so sick. It's up in the mountains, and everything here is so green and beautiful. I'll send some pics soon. There were some way dope places to cliff jump and i was dying! Ha, freak!  But no worries I avoided that temptation. But we saw a dead body today! Some guy drowned in the river, and so the people there just took him out and threw a blanket over him. 

The other night we got punted from lessons a lot and were just walking around.  We started talking to these teenagers and stuff. It's always fun to joke around with people when you're two white kids. They have a dance crew, like 20 of them, and so we got them to dougie for us and I did a little backflip for them. I've been a little sick so it was kinda bad, but they liked it. One of the kids is 19, and said he has a few Mormon friends. I asked if we could teach him. He's like, "Yeah! Wanna do it right now?" So we ended up just poppin a squat on the curb and taught a bunch of these kids.  We actually had a legit lesson. We gave them some pamphlets and exchanged numbers, and got some new dope investies. Yeah!

We also got a new golden investigator. He studied religion in school and is a preacher now. He has been praying for guidance. He said that the other day, he felt inspired to go to the street market, then felt inspired to go left, then stop and talk to these people. Ended up seeing our zone leaders there, so we went and talked to them and said he wants to get baptized. He lives in our area, so they referred him to us. We have taught him once so far. He read the Book of Mormon like 18 years ago, but lost it cause it was forbidden with his job. We gave him one and had a way dope lesson. Cool huh? I love finding people like this.

Aight, well that's about all for now! Yeah, get stoked for Mothers Day Skype sesh! I sure am! I've got transfers next week but I'm not sure what's gonna happen, so we'll find out soon. 

Love ya!

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