"And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." - Doctrine and Covenants 84:80

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2nd Week in the Pinas!

Sheesh, so many emails mom. Thanks for the love but I don't have time to read all them and everything very thoroughly. You'll have to start writing letters and when you do dear elders, they're supposed to print them out and give them to me.

Yeah, don't worry about sending me packages, it's like 50 bucks. I already take like 10 pills a day so don't worry about probiotics. They give us stuff here, and actually it's kinda nice not using scratchy toilet paper. I'll have to get a water sprayer to use when I get home. But, to send letters you just throw an international stamp on it and it's good. Just takes a week or two. I sent you guys a letter and a little happy birthday note for Dad, so that'll be there somewhat soon. Oh, and yeah, so we're not supposed to email anyone but family, so if anyone asks, just have them write me a normal letter or dear elder. Thanks! also you should send me updates from the bois from their blogs and stuff. I started writing Taylor and them, but I guess I can't anymore. Oh, and I'll send some pictures next Monday!

K, sooo let's see. The Pinas are so crazy. So last week kinda sucked. Got my toe "fixed", there were three of us who had to go. They just took us to the ER, stabbed our toes with some needles, ripped off our toenails and were good to go! haha Quite the party. Yeah, so I was stuck at our apartment for like 4 days 'cause you can't really wear shoes and walk around right away. Lots of just chillin' and studying. umm Elder Neilson, our Area President, came and held a mission conference. Pretty much just spoke with us and interviewed like half the mission.

I talked about some of our investigators in the letter I sent home. But yeah, it's been way sick.  We spend most the day teaching different investigators and less actives. We have a couple baptism dates coming up this month. Our Zone is going to try to have a Zone Baptism on the 27th. Kinda like a pot luck where each companionship brings someone to get baptized, haha. We need to get our wards stoked about missionary work. They're strugglin'. But yeah, we have a new referral family, the Calugas, that we've taught twice now. They're amazing. Seriously the dream investigators everyone wants. They keep all their commitments, already went to church once before we even taught them, committed them to baptism the first lesson, etc. So fun. It's crazy how happy they are. The four of them live under a little patio about 8 sq feet and the other half is just a dirt ground, and their roof is just some tarps and scraps of metal. Crazy how poor it is here. and I'm actually in one of the nicer areas. I'll send some pictures soon.

Oh, today was sick though. We had our first temple sesh at the Manila Temple today. So yeah, that's why our p-day is today (Wednesday). Not the nicest temple, but hey it's the Philippines, can't complain. I bought a basketball today so i can start ballin' it up with all the Pinas. We have a ghetto little basketball quart by our house so i'm pretty stoked. Hmm what else? There's soooo much i could talk about. I've been good about writing in my journal so you'll hear all the details in a few months. Oh, I tried another Philippino classic though. it's called Dinuguan. All it is, is blood they mix with vinegar and stuff and put meat in it. kinda like a soup of blood. that was... interesting. it's not too bad. Salty, but then you realize you're eating blood. Yeah..

Hmm.. yeah i dunno what else. I'll send some pictures on Monday and so just send me some. The language is good. Still don't understand anyone, but I've gotten good at nodding my head and laughing at the jokes I don't understand. Haha. Uhh yeah. Hope you're all doing well. Pray for my investigators. I'm doing great. I'm loving it here more everyday.

Love ya guys!!
Elder Molnar

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